Saturday, March 1, 2008

Scam, what the hell is this ?

What is scam?
Source Wikipedia

A confidence trick or confidence game, also known as a con, scam, swindle, grift, bunko, flim flam, or scheme, is an attempt to swindle a person or peolpe (known as the "mark"or sometimes "griftee") which involves gaining his or her confidence. (For confidence tricks dealing with information theft or computers see social engineering.)

Social engineering is a collection of techniques used to manipulate people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. While similar to a confidence trick or simple fraud, the term typically applies to trickery for information gathering or computer system access and in most cases the attacker never comes face-to-face with the victim.

In the broadest sense, a fraud is a deception made for personal gain. The specific legal definition varies by legal jurisdiction. Fraud is a crime, and is also a civil law violation.

So, what the hell is scam ?

If I simplify , scam (or fraud or 'ponzi scheme' ) in internet bussiness can be any bussines , where somebody can cheat you , where sombody can steal you money. I am not sure, but I suppose that, if somebody, who ask your email or home address and is than spamming you, also can be scam. How somebody can steal your money on internet? I suppose, there is a lot of ways , but in geral I think, they are 2 ways :
- if you must pay to join some internet society / program / bussiness
- if you must give them a lot of personal datas , connected with bank account / credit card etc.
Well, do not missunderstand me!
Of cause we must give our bank account or e-account, if we want to get paid. And you must give credit card number, if you want to buy something. But, if somebody is asking us for password or PIN code etc. - I should be stupid if I give such information to anybody.

My friend Yanna wrote nice article about this, saying :
"Fed up of Spam mail, Scams & Telemarketers

It's 9:00 am in the morning and the phone rings interrupting my deep's a telemarketer. I've had enough with these people with their pitch and second it could be some scam that some poor soul will fall for.......Yesterday was the funniest, I won a trip to Florida and 3 day cruise....ahahahaha! This call came from the USA sounded like Southern accent that this woman had. She got frustrated that she couldn't get my personal info, I just hung up! Identity theft is on the rise....."

Is every 'failed' internet bussiness scam / fraud?

I was reading that more than 90% of internet investment programs (however we call them) fails very soon, in few months. But, I think, that it is (was) not every "failed" bussiness scam. Some bussiness just didn't make it for different reasons, which can be personal (bad leading) or economic nature. I've never heard that somebody should say, that AllAdvanage was scam.

Was Agloco scam ?
I think, that Agloco was not scam. Agloco just failed as Agloco team didn't make his job well. It was for free. Well, maybe they earned money with ads from ViewBar , but I doubt that they made positive cashflow.

Is Pay per Play scam ?
I think, it cannot be scam - about the same logic, as Google Adsense can not be scam.

Is uVme scam ?
I do not think so, even there is to pay good money.

Is DubaiMLM scam ?
Well, I have some doubts. It is for free, so nobody can steal my money. I didn't have to give them any sensitive pesonal data like bank account or credit card number (yet). But, there is no comunication (OK, fake of communication). And, why the hell somebody should give me $50 DubaiMLM dollars just to join there and doinf nothing?!

Is MobilCash scam ?
Why should be scam?


Of cause it can not be scam, has nothing to do with this!! I just like this site, that's all.

What about YourHotmails, Hits4Pay ?

No , No , No .... My favorit 'click' programs can not be scam

April 6th : I changed my mind about YourHotmails. I know that owner Steff is honest, but to ban members as he doesn't agree 100% with new, very different rules - it is too much.And, to suspend account just, because asking them, how much did I earn by new rules - it is too much.So, they will 'save' my 130$ and i suppose more few thousends $ of other, 'old' members.

I am clicking , they are on my watch list. it is still time. They offer nice money, they are sending a lot of offers, each 100 - 200 cents. That's why I am not sure yet

What about, Ojeez, Apsense, Yuwie ... ?

may 2008 - died

Yes, yes, I know. I am overreacting now. Or maybe not? In some internet networks you must pay to upgrade .....
OK, I will stop!

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pooja said...

Hi isambera,How aer you.Nice blog,I will comment here for Agloco is scam? I don't think agloco is scam,They just failed to pay.I hope they will back soon.Thank You

ismabera said...

ola, Pooja

I very agree with you, that Agloco is not scam and, that they just failed.
Some of us still hope that Agloco can come back. That's why I will not remove my blogs about Agloco :
Aglocoismabera, Agloco-top-nai and

thx for comment

ismabera said...

Sometimes we can be wrong. Iam afraid, I am wrong about YourHotmails. They changed rules. it seems I will not get paid for my money, earned there before 28th february (about 130 $ USD).by new rules, I can loose this money, if I will not redeem it ?! I can loose my money, if I changed my IP address ?!
For now I am waiting too see, what will happen.

ismabera said...

here is link to YourHotmails Forum, I hope that admin Yourichi willnot delete it, as he is used to do.